Road Closures

Below is a list of some of the major road closure sites for Queensland roads. During severe weather events, conditions can change quickly, so please take care when travelling and if roads are likely to be closed or treacherous, only make trips that are completely necessary.

Although government organisations and councils attempt to keep road closure lists up to date, during heavy wind or rain, some information may be an hour or more out of date. For more specific information for your area, we advise following your local council website and Facebook page for updates.

General Queensland Road Closure Links:

  • 131940 Traffic & Travel Information (interactive map) (easy load text list) – One of the most up to date lists of road closures, run by the Queensland government. You can also phone 131 940 to get road closure updates.
  • RACQ Road Closures Map – We recommend only using this as a secondary source of information to the links above, as this site is often further out of date.

Darling Downs & South East Queensland Specific Road Closures:

  • 131940 Darling Downs Road Closure List – Transport and main road status update for darling downs region.